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< Tower of Babel >  


Men started the development of civilization after learn how to use the fire. People believed Faith can move the mountains, men and God are even. <Tower of Babel> is the skyscraper that constructed under men’s arrogance.  Men were punished by God and speak different language. The diverse opinions cause the conflict and then disruption. This is not just a story. When we look at our lives, even speak the same language, do we usually interpret with “our own language?” Men did not learn the importance of the communication from Bible. We witness the occurrences of wars and did not stop, after the continuous disputes starts the catastrophe. Tower of Babel is more than an architecture appearance but an image of living. If we don’t learn the respect and the listening, Tower of Babel will appear in people’s mind again. Men’s technology and civilization progress gradually in 21th century, the record of highest build was broken every few years, people are fighting for the ownership of the sky.  Is this the show-off for power and wealth or the challenge to God’s power again? Green house, air pollution, water shortage, climate changes; nature and man-made disaster, are this the modern Babel tower phenomenon?


On the way of architecture travel, I found the phenomena of the skyline; higher and more intensive skyscrapers in the modern city. God also build the skyline to defense of the Tower of Babel, can men receive this imply?




2019 FOTOKRAFT CIRCUIT Photography Awards




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